Modern Marijuana: A Guide for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Using marijuana is no longer limited to a countercultural activity. Not only is marijuana now legal all over Canada, but it’s becoming more widely-used and accepted than ever. Everyone from young adults to senior citizens can now enjoy pot in all kinds of ways, whether they use it for its incredible medical benefits or simply … Read more

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

The Best CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals offer a unique way to absorb cannabidiol into the body. Whereas most CBD products are consumed via inhalation or oral ingestion, CBD Topicals can be applied throughout the body to absorb cannabidiol directly through the skin. Most of these don’t reach your bloodstream but work on cannabinoid receptors under the skin fast to … Read more

CBD Patch: The Ultimate Guide To CBD Transdermal Patches

CBD Patch: The Ultimate Guide To CBD Transdermal Patches

It’s hard to ignore the fast-growing CBD trend. From cannabis dispensaries to local health stores, CBD can now be bought in all kinds of places across the world. CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical extracted from cannabis and hemp plants. While it won’t get you high, research suggests CBD provides a range of potential medical … Read more