What Is A Cannabis Contact High?

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When you inhale marijuana smoke you’ll experience an array of physical and mental effects. Most users find that the THC in marijuana makes them feel physically soothed and mentally invigorated. Most people get these effects by smoking a joint, bong, or pipe. However, you could also experience a cannabis contact high.

A cannabis contact high happens when you inhale secondhand smoke from marijuana. Naturally, it won’t hit you as hard as intentionally smoking, but it can still have an impact. Some users may want to avoid inhaling secondhand smoke whereas others do it intentionally via hotboxing. Here’s a guide to cannabis contact high.

What Is A Cannabis Contact High?

The effects of inhaling marijuana smoke can hit you hard and fast. Most people get these effects when they smoke weed via a joint, bong, or pipe. However, if you’re around other people that are smoking, you might experience what’s known as a cannabis contact high. This is when you get high without smoking anything yourself.

If you breathe in enough secondhand marijuana smoke, you’ll still experience the kind of effects you’d get from smoking it yourself. You might feel yourself becoming more physically relaxed and tingly. You might also experience a heightened mood, enhanced senses, and other mentally stimulating effects.

Experiencing a cannabis contact high isn’t too common as you need to inhale a significant amount of marijuana smoke. You won’t experience a contact high simply by passing someone who’s smoking on the street or in a park. However, in an enclosed environment where you can’t help but breathe in heavy amounts of marijuana smoke, your chances of getting a cannabis contact high will increase significantly.

How You Get A Cannabis Contact High

Whether you’re trying to avoid a contact high or even increase your chances of getting one, you might want to know how it usually happens. Simply being near someone smoking marijuana won’t necessarily give you a contact high – especially if they’re smoking in an open area. However, if you’re breathing in heavy amounts of marijuana smoke in an enclosed environment, you’re likely to experience some of the effects of THC.

Many people unintentionally experience a cannabis contact high from being in enclosed rooms where many people are smoking marijuana. For instance, if lots of people are smoking joints at a party, you might inhale THC from their secondhand smoke and end up getting high. The same applies to concerts and events where many people are smoking weed at the same time. If you feel high after being around a lot of smoke, chances are you got a contact high.

Some people intentionally get a cannabis contact high via “hotboxing”. Hotboxing involves intentionally filling an enclosed environment (usually a small room or a car) with enough marijuana smoke to get everyone in the area high. Many people hotbox with their friends to get as high as possible when they’re smoking marijuana.

How Strong Is A Cannabis Contact High?

While it’s perfectly possible to get high after breathing in secondhand smoke, the effects won’t be as strong as if you smoked marijuana yourself. The effects of a contact high are naturally much weaker than directly smoking weed. However, the strength of your contact high will depend on how much smoke you inhaled.

When people inhale marijuana smoke, they absorb approximately 50% of the THC smoke. Research suggests they may absorb even less – as little as 30%. The smoke they exhale will still contain THC, but not nearly as much. On top of that, inhaling secondhand smoke is much less effective than directly inhaling via a joint, pipe, or bong.

That’s why simply passing someone smoking in the park and catching a whiff of their joint won’t give you a contact high. However, repeated exposure to large amounts of marijuana smoke can give you strong effects. If you’re around a lot of people exhaling marijuana smoke at the same time, you could still get a significantly strong high from secondhand smoke.

Can You Fail A Drug Test From A Contact High?

One of the main concerns people have about inhaling secondhand marijuana smoke is whether it’ll make them fail a drug test. You need to have a significant amount of THC in your system for it to be detected in a blood test, so your chances of failing from breathing in a little weed smoke aren’t high. However, it isn’t impossible.

A 2015 study found that, after placing subjects in an unventilated room where they inhaled secondhand marijuana smoke, they experienced side effects such as fatigue, decreased alertness, and enhanced moods. Their urine also tested positive for THC. A second trial found that THC was not detected in their tests after placing them in a ventilated room with cannabis smokers for an hour.

If you take a drug test shortly after breathing in heavy amounts of marijuana smoke in an enclosed space, you may test positive for marijuana. However, THC is flushed out of your system fast and, if you’ve only inhaled a little secondhand smoke, it will likely be out of your system within a day or two. What’s more, you’re extremely unlikely to fail a drug test after breathing in marijuana smoke in a well-ventilated area.

How To Avoid Cannabis Contact Highs

If you’re trying to avoid getting high via secondhand smoke, then avoid spending prolonged periods in enclosed spaces where people are smoking marijuana. Being in a room with heavy amounts of marijuana smoke might give you a contact high, although the effects won’t be as strong as directly inhaling marijuana.

Some people may want to avoid giving others a cannabis contact high – especially if they live with others who don’t enjoy the effects of marijuana. It’s also especially important to avoid the circulation of marijuana smoke if you live with children. In these cases, it’s best to smoke privately either outside or next to a window.

You can also avoid getting anyone else high by using methods of consumption other than smoking. Cannabis edibles and cannabis tinctures can both give you powerful effects without getting anyone else high. These methods of consumption are also more convenient and discreet.

How To Avoid Cannabis Contact Highs


A cannabis contact high occurs when someone breathes in secondhand marijuana smoke and experiences the effects of THC. Usually, a contact high is only mild and won’t make you fail a drug test. However, inhaling heavy amounts of secondhand smoke (such as via hotboxing) can give you a strong marijuana high.

You can avoid contact highs by avoiding enclosed spaces with high amounts of marijuana smoke. You can also avoid getting others high by using products such as cannabis edibles and tinctures. You can find all kinds of marijuana products to suit your needs online at Buy My Weed Online.

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